We love interviewing our clients and understanding their companies. We believe that every business has a fascinating story and it is up to us to tell it.

Every company has a compelling story and it is our job to tell it. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ businesses, understanding what makes them tick and their key milestones, before getting to the heart of what makes a business special.

Often owners cannot see the newsworthiness of their own companies. That is where we come in.

We have never failed to find a strong narrative behind any business nor have we failed to find a positive news angle that can attract the media. Often managers will overlook what they might think is their day-to-day activity but which we know will turn heads. We are looking for the tale that you would tell your family or in the pub. Those are the gems that everyone will want to hear.

Cultivating personalities is also part of the Black & White agenda. We can bring company owners or their chosen stars out of the shadows.

A compelling story, be it about an individual or a business, demands quality writing. We believe passionately in the power of words, be they written or spoken. The right words can make your company sound so exciting that potential customers will feel compelled to make contact.

We passionately believe:

  • Words are more important now than ever
  • Every business has a story to tell
  • The media will be interested!
  • Potential customers will turns their heads
  • Personalities can be cultivated

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University of Derby College of Business

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