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Looking for your company to rise up Google rankings or have an impact on Facebook? We can help you embrace a different way of thinking through digital communications.

More and more business deals are sparked by spotting great work via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. If your company does not have social media presence, it needs to start now.

Black & White’s co-founders have long been exponents of social media, attracting followers to accounts from all over the world. They understand what makes a quality post and when to time it to best effect. They also know when not to engage on social media.

In the wrong hands, a social media account can become toxic. In the right hands, it can help open up new markets and cultivate personalities. This is why expert guidance is so important.

It is vital that the tone of a company is reflected accurately on social media but that posts are exciting and engaging. Black & White will ensure that this is so.

But social media on its own will not work. It has to be part of a wider media strategy and it must be on-message with company aims and values. That is where Black & White really come into our own. We make certain that your business never loses its tone of voice.

On social media, we guarantee:

  • The right message for the right platform
  • Pithy, witty and engaging posts
  • That every word will have a purpose
  • Company tone of voice will be consistent
  • Timing to the best effect
  • Audience reaction

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University of Derby College of Business

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