While further tests are being carried out on exciting vaccines against Covid 19, SureScreen Diagnostics is leading the way with essential testing for the virus in Europe.

SureScreen are one of five companies lined up to provide four million tests in Flanders, Belgium with the probability of more to come.

The Federal Medicines Agency set aside a budget of up to 30 million euros and the first half a million tests will be available next week, including tests from SureScreen.

The rapid antigen tests, which indicate if someone is contagious, are in addition to the current use of PCR tests which show if someone is infected.

No laboratory is required for the rapid tests, and they work like a pregnancy test, with a result within 15 minutes, after a swab sample has been taken from the nose or throat.

As of November 8th, the Belgian authorities reported that more than 500,000 people have been tested positive for Covid-19.

Of those, the Flanders region recorded the second-highest amount of positive cases with 198,000 confirmed cases. Schools and businesses are especially eager to use the rapid tests to counter the spread of the virus.

Meanwhile, SureScreen has also provided antigen tests to Health Passport Ireland – a programme to prompt economic stimulation in Ireland by the Roqu Goup.

The platform combines the latest digital technologies with tests which offer Covid-free people proof of negative results, allowing them to go about their business.

Health Passport Ireland could free up airports to accept passengers, the hospitality industry to welcome back audiences and sports arenas to bring back fans.

It could also be used in the health service, business environment and in care homes.

SureScreen Diagnostics director David Campbell said: “We were delighted to hear about the progress towards a Covid-19 vaccine but it is still a way off in terms of roll-out.

“It is key that we do all we can in other areas such as testing to prevent the spread of the virus throughout Winter.

“We are receiving great feedback from customers on our tests. We are told our tests have successfully prevented Covid-19 positive asymptomatic people from entering into hospitals, care homes and the workplace due to having our tests in place.

“Both antigen and antibody tests are still vital for many months to come, and we are delighted to be helping Belgium and Ireland with their testing regimes.”

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