Every town or city needs place marketing. With a strong brand, it can drive investment, export and tourism, as well as cultural and political influence in order to excite and engage with global audiences.

Anyone who has driven into Derby from the A52 will have seen the ‘Proud of Derby’ lettering cut out of shrubbery at Pentagon Island. But proud of what?

Well for a place like Derby that has literally helped to shape not only the history of Britain, but the world, it ought to be the City’s heritage.

Yet annoyingly, when we are on our travels, when we tell people where we are from we often have to explain where Derby is and what is it famous for. And regrettably, few from the city are conversant about it either.

Like so many places in Britain, Derby has a big history. However in the case Derby it has a real story to tell, one of a living history of world class thinking and making. It is a big, powerful and optimistic real-life story, and one that every business, every organisation and every entrepreneur in the city has the opportunity to be part of it.

Now let’s look a bit closer at the six key words I’ve used to describe the Derby story:

Living history – everything that has happened in the past is there to inspire us. And each of us is making history – through the actions that we take – every day.

World class – we’re not pulling our punches are we? Something really special happened in Derby around 300 years ago – Derby people have been shaping the world ever since. World class is the standard to aim for.

Thinking and making – today Derby makes things that connect people and that power the modern global economy. These are leading edge products, and they are based on a deep tradition of innovation. Thinking and making has made the city a global centre of innovation.

So to bring all this together: What we have here is a big story (and everyone loves a good story!). This story is about a place, about people, it is about everyone who comes to or is associated with Derby.

If you were born in Derby, live in Derby, work in Derby, feel an affinity to Derby, or otherwise invest something of yourself in the city – then you are part of the ‘Story’ and are a ‘citizen’ of Derby. Therefore its time you made the Derby Story part of your own identity.

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